Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Me and my Chihuahua

My dogs name is Scooby. He is a Chihuahua. The first day I saw him, I was in Senior Kindergarten. I was so happy I was ready to burst like a rocket ship! He was a rescue and our miracle dog. Last summer, my dog ran out on the street when he saw another dog friend and a car came and hit him. Then he had to go to VEC (Vet Emergency Clinic). It mad me feel sad when I went there because I saw some people with a box, what I learned was an urn, and my mommy told me it was the dogs ashes. I had faith because the car went over him and he did the splits. So it only ran over the back of him. He needed a little cast for his pelvis for a few weeks. But he kept taking it off, I think it was because he didn't like it.
Now he has been home and is good, likes to lick and is very cute. He sleeps with me.

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